Working with Marketing Automation Nodes

Here's some practical information about working with Marketing Automation nodes in the Flow Canvas.

Click a link to jump ahead, or scroll through to read how to add, edit, delete, connect, and disconnect a node, as well as information about disconnected and incomplete nodes.

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Adding a Node

The Listen Node is always present in every Marketing Automation flow and it cannot be removed. So, if you want to add your first node, you will be adding it from the Listen Node. The process is the same for all nodes.


To add a new node, click the plus sign (+) on the bottom of any of the nodes, or on the connection between two nodes.

Choose between Channels, Actions or Integrations and select a node from the list.


Editing a Node

To edit a node, simply locate the node you wish to edit and click the Edit button.

Don't forget to save your changes!


Deleting a Node

If you delete a node in a paused Marketing Automation flow, all Profiles currently present in the node will be removed from the flow. This will be reflected as an Event on those Profiles under Response Data. This cannot be undone.

Removed Profiles will still be shown as a part of the statistics in the Marketing Automation Report.

To delete a node, you must locate the Delete button.

For most nodes, you will have to first click Edit.


Then click Delete.


But in the Email node, the Delete button is always on display.


Connecting a Node

To connect a node, click on the plus sign (+) of the first node, and draw a line to the node you want to connect it with.


Disconnecting a Node

To disconnect a node, click the minus sign (-) on the line that connects the two nodes.

Disconnected Nodes

Make sure that all nodes are connected. If nodes are disconnected, Profiles will not move from one node to the other. Some nodes don't need to be connected to another, though, like the Email or Achievement node whenever placed at the end of the flow. Disconnected nodes count as incomplete nodes.


To connect a node, click on the plus sign (+) of the first node and draw a line to the node you want to connect it with.


Incomplete Nodes

It's not possible to activate a flow that contains incomplete nodes. Disconnected nodes count as incomplete. Whenever you try to activate an incomplete flow, you will see the following warning:


You may either complete or delete the incomplete nodes. To see the incomplete nodes, click Show nodes.


By clicking on the arrows, you may toggle between all incomplete nodes, which will be highlighted in red.


You may also delete the nodes you don't think are necessary in order to activate your flow. To learn more about how to delete a node, expand Deleting a Node above.

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