About the Wait for Event Node

The Wait for Event node holds Profiles for a period of time waiting for them to perform a specific action. If they do perform the Event, you get the opportunity to target them in a more relevant, personalised way. Otherwise, if they don't perform the action within the time period, you may try a different strategy.

In short, Profiles that enter this node will remain in the node until they perform an action (Event). Once they do, they will move straight to the next node connected to the green path. They will remain in the node until the timer runs out, and move to the red path instead if they don't perform the action.


Setting up the Node

1. Click Edit to set up the node.


2. Choose an Event to get started...

To set up this node, you'll have to pick an Event. Head over to this article to learn how to work with Profile data in Marketing Automation nodes.

3. Lastly, add the next node for the Profiles that performed the Event (N), and the node for those that didn't perform the Event after the time ran out (T).

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