About the Check Profile Node

The Check Profile Node will check the Profiles that enter the node to see if they have a specific Attribute, Event or Tag, or if they belong to a Segment of your choice. Click Configure to see all the available options.

If a Profile enters your flow based on the Listen Node settings, and the entry limit is more than 1, the same Profile can enter the flow again before it's able to leave the flow from their first journey. Read more about Flow Settings...

If you'd like to avoid sending too many emails or having duplicate Profiles in your flow, you may use a Check Profile Node to see if they've entered your Marketing Automation flow in a period of time.


Once you've configured the Check Profile node, you will see a Yes and a No option. Add or connect a node to each path.


Setting up the Check Profile Node

Note that the options described here are almost the same as in the Listen Node.

To learn more about working with Profile data in Marketing Automation nodes, take a look at this article.

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