About the Achievement Node

Whenever Profiles reach this node, a specific Achievement will be assigned to them. This Achievement will be added to the Profile, and can be used in the future to create Segments, personalise emails, and customise other marketing automation flows.

Curious about Achievement Events?

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Setting up the Achievement Node

1. Click Edit.


2. Click on the Select Achievement drop-down menu to see the available Achievements.

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3. If you have previously created one, you can simply search for and select an existing Achievement.

Click Create an Achievement to make one from scratch. Continue reading below to see the steps.


4. After you've chosen your achievement, click Save.


Creating an Achievement

1. Enter a name for the achievement.


2. Expand the drop-down menu and choose between SQL, MQL and PQL.


3. Enter the Achievement points. These points will be added to the Profiles upon reaching the node, and can be used to keep track of the performance of your Marketing Automation flows.


4. Enter a numeric value that represents the revenue associated with reaching this node under Achievement value.


5. Click Save to save and set up your achievement.

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