How to Activate a Paused Activity

1. In the Active & Paused tab of the activity page, click on the activity you wish to activate.

2. On the Bottom bar, click Activate.

3. If you are activating a paused Marketing Automation flow, bear in mind that since your flow was previously active, there may be Profiles currently in the flow. If there aren't any Profiles in the flow yet, you will not see this message.

Would you like to keep the Profiles that remain in the flow from before, or would you like to remove them and restart the flow?

Click Keep to allow the profiles to finish the flow, or click Remove to remove the profiles from the flow. If you remove them, your flow will directly activate and can be found in the Active & Paused tab. It may take some time to remove the profiles from the flow.

Before a flow is successfully activated, you will see the status Activating. It may take some time to activate a flow that was previously paused.

Removing profiles from a flow

If you remove the profiles from the flow, they will be removed from the Report, and they will also be able to re-enter this Marketing Automation flow after you reactivate it

This means that, even if in the Flow Settings you limited the number of times profiles can enter the flow, those who were removed from the flow when reactivating will be allowed in once more.

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