To view reports of the module's entities, click Reports on the left side menu.


The report will be available under the APSIS One heading. Here you will be able to see Profile Status, Registered Events, Abandoned Carts, and Log Viewer.


Magento reports details

Apsis One reports in Magento Admin are of great support for troubleshooting. They are the source of information when our customers need to verify whether or not the integration is syncing profiles and events according to the customer's configurations.

Below are the details for each report.

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Profile Status

The Profile Status report is useful when our customers need to verify the syncing of profiles with Apsis One. Each listed profile contains information about subscription status, rather or not it is a registered customer, and of course the status of the sync.

This report also shows the profile ID which our customers will use to search for a specific profile in Apsis One.

Registered Events

The Registered Events report will list all events registered in Magento with the indication of the sync status with Apsis One. Here, the customer can verify that the events are being synced with their Section in Apsis One according to the plugin configuration.

Abandoned Carts

The Abandoned Carts report lists all abandoned cart events synced with Apsis One.

Log Viewer

Apsis One Log Viewer is a useful resource if the customer is experiences issues with the Magento integration. It contains messages about the health of the connection between Magento and Apsis One.

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