Creating a Form: Template

Creating a template allows you to maintain consistency in your website and save valuable time spent in the Editor.

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How to Choose a Template

1. Choose a Template. Default or user-generated, a template will determine the initial structure of your Form.

You will have the opportunity to choose between Pre-defined templates, Your templates and Themed.

Pre-defined Forms Templates

Our blank template includes four empty rows, with one column each, but you may also choose a pre-defined template that has a different structure:

  • Registration: Add a form to your website and allow visitors to register to your service, product or program.

  • Newsletter Signup: Create a Form so your website's visitors can subscribe to your newsletter.

  • Download: Allow your visitors to download digital resources!

About Themed Templates

These are special, seasonal templates that we've made especially for you! Check back every now and then for fresh templates that match the current season.

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