Supported Data Formats for APSIS One Profile Data

Here are some details about all the data formats we use in APSIS One.

This information may be useful to you whenever working with integrations, Segments and importing or exporting Profile data.

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Email Addresses

The Email Attribute must be formatted as a correct email address, containing a valid domain (ie gmail) and a valid domain extension (.com):

Only public email addresses can be reached via email sendings.

Phone Numbers

The Mobile Attribute must have values in the MSISDN format, for example: 46793699558.

Attribute Data Types


UTF-8 encoded text (string) value with a 1000-character limit. Chinese are Cyrillic characters are supported in APSIS One.


The number Attribute type accepts only number values.

For Attributes that require decimals, pick the number with decimals Attribute type instead.


The value for these Attributes or Event data can only be either true or false, in low caps.


ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format (SE, US, for example).


For date-type Attributes, we accept all date formats listed here. However, we have limitations regarding timezones.

When it comes to Date-type Attributes, like the Default Attribute Date of Birth:

A date value like Tue, 07 Mar 1993 04:22:23 +0300 will be converted to 1993-03-07.


We support importing and storing Unix timestamps for Timestamp-type Attributes.

When it comes to Timestamp-type Attributes, like a Custom Attribute Member since:

Values like Tue, 07 Mar 2017 04:22:23 +0300 will be converted to 1488844800 (07 Mar 2017 0:00:00 +0000).

Timestamps (1599116184) will me imported without milliseconds.

We also support negative values for dates before 1970.

Migrating from APSIS Pro?

If you're migrating from APSIS Pro to APSIS One, the accepted date format is ISO-8601 (YYYY-MM-DD).

Date + Time (Unix) will be cut to just the date if it follows the YYYY-MM-DD format.

In development: Soon we will support 19700720, 1970.07.20, 1970/07/20 as date formats in the Migration Wizard.

File Import Wizard

When saving your Microsoft Excel file, or exporting data from another system, pay close attention that the file is encoded as one of the following supported formats:































Limited Values

Certain Events have a limited set of values. So, if you intend to create a Segment with these Events, here's all you need to make sure that it targets the right Profiles.

Bounce codes and reasons

For example, to include all Profiles with hard bounces, you can use Email - Bounce: bounceReason contains "Hard" in your Segment.

Bounce codes and reasons:

  • 1004 Other - Unknown

  • 2000 Hard - General hard bounce

  • 2001 Hard - Recipient email does not exist

  • 2002 Hard - Domain name does not exist

  • 2004 Hard - Closed email account

  • 3001 Soft - Mailbox is full

  • 3002 Soft - Recipient email server is currently too busy

  • 3003 Soft - Email account is inactive

  • 4000 Technical - General error

  • 4003 Technical - Network error

  • 4007 Technical - SPF authentication error

  • 4008 Technical - DMARC authentication error

  • 4009 Technical - DKIM authentication error

  • 9999 Soft - Unknown

Exit Flow Event Reasons

For example, to include all Profiles who exited a flow when they finished it, you can use Marketing Automation - Exit flow: Reason equals "Finished" in your Segment.

Exit flow Event reasons:

  • Finished: The Profile reached the Finish Node and completed the flow.

  • MatchTags: The Profile matched the Tag specified in the Flow Settings under Terminate.

  • OverLimit: The Profile has entered the flow the maximum amount of times specified in the Flow Settings.

  • CheckedProfile: The Profile didn't pass a Check Profile node, and the path for those who don't match was the final node of the flow, where they left.

  • Reset: The Profile was removed from the flow when pausing and reactivating the flow.

  • NodeDeleted: The Profile was in a node that was deleted, and left the flow.

  • MissingConsent: The Profile is missing consent for the node's given channel.

  • TooManyHardBounces: The Profiles email address bounced enough times to reach the bounce limit.

  • MissingEmail: The Profile does not contain an email Attribute, necessary for the email node.

  • MissingSMS: The Profile does not contain an SMS Attribute, necessary for the SMS node.

  • ProfileNotRetrieved: Technical error that prevented the Profile from being found by an email node. Please contact support.

  • ProfileLocked: The Profile was locked in Audience.

  • AttributeNotFound: The Profile does not contain the Attribute necessary to complete the email node.

  • AttributeValueNotFound: The Profile does not contain the Attribute Value necessary to complete the email node.

  • UnknownReason: Unknown reason. Please contact support.

  • WebhookError: The Webhook node returned an error, resulting from a failed request.

  • InsufficientCredits: Your APSIS One account does not contain enough SMS credits, so the Profile left the flow in the SMS node.

  • Bounce: The Profile's email address or mobile number bounced in the Email or SMS node.

  • Timeout: The Profile didn't perform an action specified by the Wait for Event node, and the path for those who don't act in time was the final node of the flow, where they left.

Achievement type

The Achievement Event type has limited values, which are either MQL, SQL or PQL. Read more about Achievement Events...


Event dates: ISO-8601 (YYYY-MM-DD).

Magento Attributes and Events: Unix time.

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