Use Cases for Marketing Automation

Since no two persons are exactly alike, neither is their experience of your brand. You've already heard about customer journeys and customer experience--so why would you take all of your customers on the same journey, knowing they might be on different paths?

Marketing Automation is all about paying attention to the different paths of your customers' journey while being both proactive and reactive.

It's a win-win situation:

  • Create the experiences you wish to bring your prospects and customers with Marketing Automation flows.

  • Tailor your flows to take them along in a journey that makes sense for where they are at any point in time.

  • Listen, wait, check in and respond to their needs and their interest exactly when it matters.

Need inspiration?

You're in luck. Here's four of the most used Marketing Automation flows to optimise customer experience.

  1. A classic: welcome your subscribers. That's an industry standard, and honest good manners to say the least. Get personal and tailor your communications.

  2. Nurture subscribers to meet their needs. What are your subscribers or visitors doing? Don't wait for a booking or a purchase. Instead, keep an eye on how they show interest. They're engaged and they want more, so get in their inbox while you're still relevant.

  3. Reward their loyalty. Can they get more, for less, from elsewhere? Maybe, but nothing beats having it all in one place. Give them that little extra. Make up-selling and cross-selling meaningful for them, by nurturing loyal customers that are sure to come back for more.
    Include a Product Recommendations Asset in your email and encourage your subscribers to buy more by showing them exactly what they want to see.

  4. Out of touch? Stay in the loop and don't let customer or prospect inactivity get in the way. Bring back the ones that got away by putting in the time and effort on reactivation campaigns.

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