Here, you'll see all of APSIS One's pre-defined Marketing Automation flows, Ecom flows, as well as your own flow templates. To make a completely custom flow, click Blank Canvas. Otherwise, choose whichever template you prefer.

Head to our articles on how to create pre-defined flows, if you'd like detailed instructions.

Creating a flow from a template

1. Choose the template and give it a working name.

2. Consent Setting

Each time you create a flow from a template that contains either an email or SMS, choose the consent list and topic(s) you wish to use. The consent settings are not saved in the template.

3. Update the email or SMS node

After creating a flow from a template, you might see a red frame around your email or SMS node.

Before you can activate the flow you will need to update any email or SMS as ready to send in the email node before you can activate the flow.

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