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Welcome to the Flow Editor. Here you will add Nodes and establish the paths for your marketing automation. If you would like an in-depth guide for every aspect of the Flow Editor, take a look at our About the Flow Editor section.

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Listen Node

Start by setting up the Listen Node.


The Listen Node is the most important node in your marketing automation flow.

It will listen for the Profiles in order to bring them into the flow. As Profiles join your Audience, perform any actions, enter a Segment, etc., they may come into your flow depending on your settings. Read more about the Listen Node here.

1. Click Select.


2. The Listen Node will expand. Choose between Attributes, Tags, Events and Segments. You may only choose one per flow.

Expand the activity drop-down menu and select an activity from the list. You can choose up to 10 activities. Profiles who have a matching Event in at least one (1) of the activities will enter your flow.

You can also listen for Events in any activities. This way, Profiles with a matching Event in any of the tools activities will enter your Marketing Automation flow. Simply select Any from the drop-down menu.


3. Fill in the Node Settings. For more detailed information about the Listen Node, jump here.

If a Profile enters your flow based on the Listen Node settings, and the entry limit is more than 1, the same Profile can enter the flow again before it's able to leave the flow from their first journey. Read more about Flow Settings.

If you'd like to avoid sending too many emails or having duplicate Profiles in your flow, you may use a Check Profile node to see if they've entered your Marketing Automation flow in a period of time. Read more about the Check Profile node.


4. Once you've set up the Listen Node, click Save.


Adding a Node

1. Click on the plus sign (+) to connect another node to the Listen Node.


2. Choose between Channels, Actions or Integrations and select a node from the list.


3. Click Edit to fill in the node settings.


4. Repeat the same process above to add more nodes. If you would like more information about all the nodes and how to set them up, jump to About the Nodes.

5. To connect the nodes, click on the plus sign (+) and drag a line towards the next node to connect. Nodes must always be connected to another node, unless they signal the end of the flow and require no future action.


Flow Settings

To open, click Flow Settings in the Bottom bar.


In Flow settings you can adjust your preferences as to how many times Profiles enter your flow, excluding tags and set a specific time zone. Here's some information about Flow Settings. They're divided between General, Ecommerce, Consent and SMS settings.

Read more about Flow Settings here.



Click Goals in the Bottom bar to add information about your Marketing Automation flow, and then click Save to keep your notes.

This feature can be useful for a lot of different cases:

  • Remind all users in the account of what each Marketing Automation flow is meant to achieve.

  • Write notes about any other existing Marketing Automation flows that this flow is connected to via a Change Flow node.

  • Add information for other users about other APSIS One activities outside of the Marketing Automation tool that a flow is connected to, or depends on, like a Sign-up bar.

  • Keep any details about the flow, like what use case or scenario it is meant to address, for easier troubleshooting by our APSIS Support agents.


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