Welcome flows that lead by example

Exactly as they sound like, welcome flows are built based on a series of emails for new subscribers. This strategy is part of what's known as drip campaigns or drip marketing.

The goal here is to let your subscribers know exactly what your brand is all about and show-off your products or services. Set the tone to lead by example and don't leave them wondering.

Your prospects or customers were interested enough to opt-in to your communications. It's your turn to show interest in their journey by making a great first impression. Welcome flows set the tone, help you manage your subscribers' expectations and bring the dialog forward.

Here's how to do it right:

  • Plan for about 30 days maximum of welcome communications.

  • Combat information fatigue: keep it up to 5 or 7 emails, no more. Avoid long emails, keep it informative, interesting and relevant.

  • Make an educated decision on how much and how often you want to communicate with your new subscribers depending on your industry and its different touch-points.

  • Check on performance. Set goals for your Marketing Automation flow, but also on each individual communication.

  • Where did you get the most clicks? Did some emails perform better than others? Draw a contrast between the timing and the content and find out what your Audience liked best.

  • Adjust. While you keep tabs on what you're doing for your new prospects or customers, might as well adjust your flows with what you've learn. More of what they like.

Key APSIS One Features

The Listen node is a few clicks away from bringing those new Profiles in. Set it up for those who matter, when it matters, and give them that warm welcome.

Each Email node is an opportunity to be relevant, personalise your communications and make a great impression. Data tags and Segmentation allow for personalised communications that are dressed for success.

Give it time. We mentioned you should plan for about 30 days. The Timer and Wait for Event nodes are your allies here; wait for them to engage with a previous email or simply give them a bit of breathing room before your next move.

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