Reengagement flows for a second first impression

Bring back the ones that got away. There isn't much we can say about how or why customers and subscribers lose interest that you haven't already heard. What matters is how you approach inactive subscribers to ensure you leave no stone unturned.

First things first: identify your inactive customers and subscribers. Let's take a look at these two categories:

Historically inactive subscribers never truly engaged with your product or brand. Whether they signed up and didn't open an email, or perhaps found something else that best fit their needs, they're the ones you can impress as if it was the very first time.

Periodically inactive subscribers or out-of-touch customers show one or many peaks in activity and interest, and a long period of silence. We're looking at seasonal shoppers, deal-hunters, industry researchers, or those who fell through the cracks in your marketing efforts. Depending on how they showed interest in your brand before, you can try to either show them something completely new they missed, or give them a discount code louder than words. Send them flowers, tell them how much you missed them.

Are you inspired yet? Once you know who it is you're targeting, Marketing Automation flows can save you time and energy getting them back.

Here's how to do it right:

Create the Segments. You've heard all about personalised content, so roll-up your sleeves and make Segments for your inactive subscribers. If you're up for targeting more than one type of inactive subscriber, create dedicated Marketing Automation flows that Listen for each of them, or use the Check Profile node for checkpoints along the way.

Plan for at least 3 emails. You read that right. The chances of an inactive subscriber opening an email now are low, but if you're consistent you'll see results. While only a small portion engage with the first win-back email, up to half of your subscribers are likely to engage with the second or third.

Know what you can offer, and do it. We mentioned discount codes above, which is great for B2C reengagement. If your brand falls into the B2B category, you'll need to make things interesting with truly relevant offers. Do you have any conferences, webinars, or any special events coming up? Get your vertical-relevant content ready, and show them what they're been missing.

Not too much, but not too little. Space out your communications with a Timer, Wait for Event or Check Profile node to make sure your subscribers don't end up with a crowded inbox.

Diversify! Don't forget it's not all about email marketing. Put the SMS node to good use and reach them while they're queueing in the supermarket or scrolling through social media. SMS messages are the quickest, most efficient way to get an immediate response.

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