Working With Custom Events in Marketing Automation Flows

With Custom Events, you tailor exactly what type of information is collected and stored in APSIS One, providing a richer overview of how Profiles are interacting with your brand.

Once you've created a Custom Event in your Section's Data Model, you can create a Marketing Automation Flow that listens for Profiles as they gain your Custom Event. You can also personalise your communications in this Marketing Automation Flow and make for a unique experience for each and every subscriber!

How to Work with Custom Events in Marketing Automation

1. Create a Custom Event. Read more about how to create a Custom Event...

Make sure that you set up the appropriate Unique Identifiers when you create your Custom Event. This will determine whether your external systems have permissions to read and/or write Profile data.

2. Ready? Head over to Marketing Automation and create a new Marketing Automation Flow.

3. If you have permissions for multiple Sections, make sure that you choose the Section where you created your Custom Event. Read more about User Roles & Permissions...

4. Let's get to it!

Edit your Listen Node, choose Events and select Custom Events. Read more about the Listen node...

5. Under Event, expand the Select Event drop-down menu and select the Custom Event you created for this Marketing Automation flow.

Up to this point, your Marketing Automation flow will bring in Profiles as they gain this Event, without taking into consideration any additional filtering.

Continue with the rest of the settings to narrow down which Profiles enter your flow.

Expand the Match drop-down menu to select a specific data field from the Event.

These will correspond with the data fields you created in the Custom Event's field mappings.

If you pick a match, you must select a Match type as well (whether the Event data equals or contains a specific value).


Enter a value for the Event data to match.

6. Under Times, select how many times the Profile must have performed the Event in order to qualify.


Tick the Within a time frame box to determine a time frame for the Event.

Enter a number under Amount, or click and drag the icon next to the input field, and select between minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years.

The feature described below is in development. Stay tuned!

The Listen node, specifically, allows you to narrow down your preferences to those Events that were logged into Profiles after a specific date.

To enable this option, you must select at least 2 times.

Tick the Consider Events after this date checkbox and use the calendar to select a specific date.

The Listen node will ignore Profiles that have only performed the Event before the date, and bring in Profiles that have the Event after the date you specify.


Save your Listen node and continue creating your Marketing Automation flow!

What's next?

Personalisation is key when communicating with your subscribers, prospects and customers alike.

The Email node allows you to use a variety of Data Tags to warmly greet your recipients, and you can further customise your email's content for different demographics with Row Segmentation!

Since you're working with Custom Events, don't forget to make the most out of the Event data and use Event Data Tags to further personalise your message and content.

Remember, your Event Data Tags available will be related to the Custom Event you created and its corresponding Event data.

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