Are you ready to integrate with APSIS One? Follow the steps in this article and get Lime ready for the first sync.

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Enable the Lime CRM Integration in APSIS One

1. To enable the Lime CRM integration in APSIS One, head over to Account Settings.

2. Select the Section you wish to work with, and open the Integrations tab.

3. Locate Lime CRM and click Connect.

4. Click Continue.

5. Enter your Lime CRM API details, and click Connect.

6. Choose a default country code. This will be the code of the country where most of your customers are located, and will only be used when a number is imported without a country code.

7. Click Connect.

Congratulations, you have now enabled the Lime integration in your APSIS One account!

Disable the Lime CRM Integration

Before you begin

It's not possible to uninstall or disable the integration while a Full Sync is in progress. Should you want to do this, you first need to cancel the Full Sync.

1. In Account Settings, open the Section in which you want to uninstall Lime, and open the Integrations tab.

2. Locate the Lime CRM Integration card and click Edit.

3. Select the Settings tab, and click Remove.

Follow the instructions in the wizard to uninstall Lime from from your APSIS One account.

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