Why integrate WooCommerce Checkout with APSIS ONE?

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What happens to your customers when they checkout from your shop? Make sure not to isolate them and valuable data. Use the Wordpress plugin to bring your shopping data to live by integrating your WooCommerce checkout with APSIS ONE.

Get to know your audience even better and create segments based on the items they love to shop and trigger well timed personalized marketing automation flows. Get Apsis One for WooCommerce to get started.

Connect in APSIS ONE

Once you have installed the plugin in your shop head over to your section in APSIS ONE and find the integration menu. Chose the 3rd party integration tab. Here you'll find the WooCommerce integration. Click connect and copy the API key and secret into the Wordpress admin dashboard.

With APSIS ONE and WooCommerce you can...

Increase sales

Follow up with new customers with smart, segmented marketing automation flows, and create unique customer journeys based on real time order data.

Personalise communication

Create a better customer experience by personalizing your content - use WooCommerce order and product events to target your customers with relevant content.

Eliminate data silos

Collect customers from your WooCommerce shop at checkout and enrich your audience with shop interactions and gain more in-depth overview of how your customers interact with your brand.

WooCommerce overview in APSIS ONE

The integration will provide you with two events which are stored on your profiles in APSIS ONE.

Notice that only new customers will be added directly into APSIS ONE and historical order data wont be synchronized at this point. Only data from the day you connect the two systems will be available in APSIS ONE.

A purchase event which is triggered when the order is placed and a purchase product event which tells you about the specific product being purchased.

Ready to get started? Integrate WooCommerce checkout with your APSIS ONE account today. Get Apsis One for WooCommerce to get started.

Keep reading to really fire up your use of data by building marketing automation flows based on the data from your shop.

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