The Marketing Automation Nodes 2.0

A Marketing Automation flow is a collection of nodes that build a journey for your APSIS One Profiles!

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About the Marketing Automation Nodes

The nodes contain all the conditions Profiles will act according to once they reach the node. Each nodes will help you create that personalised experience you want to create for your Profiles.

Find them in the right menu and simply drag in the one you want to use into the canvas.

Read on for a quick rundown of all the available nodes in the Marketing Automation tool.

Channel Nodes

Use the Channel Nodes to decide in which channel you wish to communicate. Decide between Email or SMS.

Read more about the Channel Nodes

Action Nodes

The action nodes resemble the actions you want to happen during the marketing automation flow.

Read more about the Action Nodes

Integration Nodes

The Webhook Node allows you to make calls to an external API and make use of the data that you're currently tracking with your other existing integrations and products.

Read more about the Webhook Node

You may require additional help from a developer, or a person with development skills and knowledge about APIs. We suggest that you reach out to a member of your development department to make sure that all the settings are correct.

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