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Navigate the Marketing Automation Tool

Use the bar in the bottom of the canvas to activate, stop and pause the flow, find general settings for the flow, save it as a template, check node stats or note down your goals by using the bottom menu bar.

Activate, Pause and Stop

Activate: When you're done building the flow, activate it by clicking the green Activate button.

If you have nodes left unfinished or an email without an unsubscribe link we'll let you know which nodes need your attention. Click "Show Nodes" to find out which ones.

Stop: Click the Stop button to stop the flow.

Choose between Stop or Pause.

By choosing Stop you will stop the flow completely and no new Profiles will enter the flow. Profiles already in the Flow will stop where they are and continue once you click activate. Use Stop if you need to change the Consent Settings.

By choosing Pause you will pause the flow meaning the Listen Node will continue to bring profiles into the flow but will keep them there until you hit activate again. Use Pause if you need to make design changes to an email or edit the flow path.

Flow Settings

In the General Flow Settings decide how many times a profile can enter the flow and if it should be within i timeframe, if profiles with a certain tag should be removed from the flow and set the Time Zone to match the time zone the flow operates in.

Save as Template

Easily save your Flow as a Template and use it another time. Give your Template a name and a description.


Note down the Goal of the Flow or any other details that help you and your teammates work together, like;

  • Remind all users in the account of what the overall goal of the flow is.

  • Note down what other activities the flow is connected to, like a form, another flow or a custom data source.

  • It also helps our Support Team troubleshoot if something goes wrong.

Node Stats

Once you have activated the flow, find the Node Stats tab in the bottom menu.

By clicking it, you can see the status of the profiles that are or have been in the node.

In the node: This is the number of the profiles in this Marketing Automation flow that are currently in this node.

Completed the node: This is the number of the profiles in this Marketing Automation flow that have completed this node, and moved onto the next one.

Left the flow: This is the number of the profiles in this Marketing Automation flow that left the flow while being in this specific node.

Click in the node or any of the options above to open the node. From here you can go to the full Email Report.

Move around in the Canvas

Move around the Canvas like it's a map. Use you mouse to roam free, or zoom in and out by using the +/- buttons in the top right corner. Return to the listen node by clicking the reset view button.

Working with Marketing Automation Nodes

Here's some practical information about working with Marketing Automation nodes in the Flow Canvas.

Adding a Node

The Listen Node is always present in every Marketing Automation flow and it cannot be removed. Create the journey from there, The process is the same for all nodes.

To add a new node, choose one from the left side menu. Simply, drag and drop the one you want into the Canvas. Once it's there connect it to

Editing a Node

To edit a node, simply locate the node you wish to edit and click on it. Once you're done editing you can close the node and your new setting is saved.

Deleting a Node

If you delete a node in a paused Marketing Automation flow, all Profiles currently present in the node will be removed from the flow. This will be reflected as an Event on those Profiles under Response Data. This cannot be undone.

Removed Profiles will still be shown as a part of the statistics in the Marketing Automation Report.

To delete a node, simply drag it out of the canvas and into the right menu

Or you must locate the Delete button.

For most nodes, you will have to first open the node by clicking on it and then choose delete.

Disconnected and Incomplete Nodes

Make sure that all nodes are connected. If nodes are disconnected, Profiles will not move from one node to the other and it will not be possible to activate the flow.

It's not possible to activate a flow that contains incomplete nodes. Disconnected nodes count as incomplete. Whenever you try to activate an incomplete flow, you will see the following warning:


You may either complete or delete the incomplete nodes. To see the incomplete nodes, click Show nodes.


By clicking on the arrows, you may toggle between all incomplete nodes, which will be highlighted in red.

You may also delete the nodes you don't think are necessary in order to activate your flow. To learn more about how to delete a node, expand Deleting a Node above.

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