Introducing the new Marketing Automation Editor

We updated the Marketing Automation Tool to make it even more easy to build automated customer journeys. Simply, drag and drop the Nodes into the Canvas to start building your flow.

Welcome to the Marketing Automation tool

Here you can create automated customer journeys, internal workflows and much much more!

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Why Marketing Automation

Let’s do the hard work for you! The Marketing Automation tool will make it easy to plan every stage of the customer journey. From lead generation and welcome messages to customer retention, churn prevention and re-engagement campaigns.

  • Act on realtime user behaviour, and automatically send personalised content to capture the attention of your audience.

  • Save valuable time! Automating your communication will leave you free to focus on other aspects of the customer journey.

  • Increase productivity and improve your ROI by targeting customers with personalised messages they're more likely to respond to.

Get Started with Marketing Automation

New to Marketing Automation? Ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. What do you want to achieve with the Automation - what is the goal?

  2. Who do you want to communicate with?

  3. What exact data do you need to create the marketing automation flow?

Try it out by start building a welcome flow here:

Welcome Flow

Let’s try to answer the three questions with an example. Whenever someone subscribes to the newsletter we want to greet them in a nice way and welcome the new subscriber.

Now, that already answers the first question - The goal is to give new subscribers a welcome email the moment they sign up.

It also answers the second question who - it's only completely new subscribers who should receive the welcome email.

Regarding what data you need to make this welcome email happen is luckily also quite easy to answer. You need a specific action or behaviour to indicate that someone signed up.

When you are using APSIS One Form tool that piece of information is automatically stored on a Profile. Find the form and submit event in the listen node and you’re all set for creating the actual welcome message.

How to test a flow

Here's a few tips on how to test a flow before you set it live.

Add a segment in the Listen Node

No matter what kind of trigger you are using to start the flow you can add a segment directly in the Listen Node, so make sure you or your team mates are the only ones who can enter the flow.

Head over to the Segment Builder to create the test segment. You can build a test segment by using the email address of a profile and choosing equal to and then entering the email address.

You can choose any property and value you like just make sure it unique to the Profile you are capturing in the segment so only you or your team mates is in the segment. If you want to include more than one Profile remember to use the OR logic.

To make sure you are capturing the Profile intended use the Calculate Profiles button and check the result.

Allow Profile overwrite in an APSIS One Form

If you are using an APSIS One Form to trigger your flow and you want to be able to sign up with the same Profile more than once set the Profile Check to Allow Profile overwriting.

Change the setting to the one you find fitting when you set it live.

Use the Shareable Link in the Form tool

If you want to test the form before adding it on your website or anywhere else use the Sharable Link option.

Simply copy the link and add it in a browser to see and use the form. Remember to click finish for the form to work.

Please note: Marketing Automation in APSIS One is about event-triggered actions. Not transactional triggered emails like order confirmation or the reset of passwords.

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