The Check Profile Node

Check what actions Profiles have completed and create truly data driven customer journeys.

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About the Check Profile Node

The Check Profile Node will check the Profiles that enter the node to see if they have a specific Attribute, Event or Tag, or if they belong to a Segment of your choice.

Setting up the Node

The Yes and No path way

Drag the Check Profile Node into the Canvas. As soon as you do you will see that this node has a Yes and No option. This will allow you to create two different path ways for the Profiles in the flow.

Yes: The Node checks the Profile and if the Profile do indeed meet the condition it will continue down this path.

No: The node check the Profile and if the Profile do NOT meet the conditions it will continue down this path.

Click on the node to open it up and see all the available options.

In example you can place the Check Profile Node right after an email node and Check of a Profile has clicked in the email.

The node do not have to be placed right after the email node, you can place it where ever you like and check for any activity, regardless where you place the node.

Then decide what should happen if Yes: The Profile has indeed clicked. Or if No: The Profile did not click.

Avoid sendings too many emails when entry limit is more than one time?

If a Profile enters your flow based on the Listen Node settings, and the entry limit is more than 1, the same Profile can enter the flow again before it's able to leave the flow from their first journey. Read more about Flow Settings.

If you'd like to avoid sending too many emails or having duplicate Profiles in your flow, you may use a Check Profile Node to see if they've entered your Marketing Automation flow in a period of time.

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