The Update Profile Node 2.0

The Update Profile node will update a Profile with a Tag or an Attribute value. It is particularly handy for tagging Profiles when they completed a certain action.

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About the Update Profile Node

Tagging or updating Profiles with an Attribute value can help you keep track of your profiles and build great segments and do even more personalised email campaign and customer journeys.

Setting up the Node

Click on the node to open it up and see all the available options.

Choose either Attributes or Tags to update Profiles that reach the node.


Attributes are dynamic and can be updated continuously. You can decide to update the value in the attribute or clear it.

When you update an attribute the existing value will be overwritten with the new value.

In example update your Profiles department. Update the Profile with any data that make sense to your business.


Tag er static meaning that either they are placed on the Profile or they are not. You can consider them to work like a sticker.

As you can see in the node options below you can decide to add a tag or remove a tag from a Profile. Add or remove as many as you like at a time.

In example tag all Profiles with a VIP tag after they performed they 3rd purchase or interacted continuously with your email campaigns.

Create a new tag right there in the node, if you don't have one that fit your need already.

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