Create a Tasks in Efficy Enterprise with Marketing Automation

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Why Create a Task?

To really create value from this integration you can easily use the Marketing Automation Tool in APSIS One to create a Task in Efficy Enterprise automatically whenever a Profile in APSIS One performes a certain action.

Here are just a few examples but any type of action can trigger the flow and thereby create the Task in Efficy Enterprise.

Lead generation

Create a task whenever a Profile visits your campaign site for the third time within a week, join a competition or sign up for a white paper, then let a sales representative know to reach out to the lead.

Churn Prevention

You can start preventing churn when a customer have not logged in in a while or start to visit your terms and condition page.

Follow up on Interest

Create a task when a lead or a customer clicks on a link in your email campaign.

Low satisfaction score

Create a task when a customer give a low satisfaction rate. In that way you can reach out to the customer in time and understand how to make the customers experience better.

How to create a Task

Once you have the Efficy Enterprise Integration up and running you can start sending valuable data back to Efficy Enterprise and really break down data silos between Sales and Marketing.

In the example you can start collecting Leads from your website and create a task in Efficy Enterprise for a Sales person to pick up.

Set the Listen Node to listen for a Form Submit, a series of pageviews or when Profiles visit a specific category on your website. Any action you like.

Drag in the Efficy Enterprise Integrations Node into the Canvas and connect it to the Listen Node.

Give the Task A subject. Decide which user Gropus should receive the Task. Choose the Task type, the urgency, and add a Tag.

Finally set the Timer for when you want the Task to be created in Efficy Enterprise.

And that's it, you're done!

Check that the Task was created in Efficy Enterprise by going to the Task List, or Check the Campaign View.

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