Easily sync Queries and Profiles in Efficy Enterprise to APSIS One.

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Before you begin

Make sure you have installed the Efficy Enterprise integration and run a full sync at least once.

If you dont have the integration installed yet follow this step-by-step guide to learn how.

Why sync Queries and Profiles to APSIS One

A great way to break down data silos is to using the Queries and Profiles functionality to bundle Contacts into groups based on data only available to you in Efficy Enterprise.

Give Gold Customers special treatment

Find all your Gold Customers and put them in a Query or Profile and send a special offer or invite them to en VIP event from APSIS One Marketing Automation.

Re-activate Non-reachable or Lost opportunities

Create a Query or Profile based on Opportunities categorised as "not reachable" or "lost six month ago" and send them a personalised campaign to re-activate them and understand their needs better.

Jump to Efficy Help pages to learn how to create and run Queries and Profiles in Efficy Enterprise.

Based on the response data from the campaign sent from APSIS you can create a Task for the Sales Representatives to follow up. Learn more about creating Tasks from the Marketing Automation here.

How to set up the Query and Profile sync

1. Jump into the integrations menu and find the Efficy Enterprise integration - click edit.

2. To sync your Queries or Profiles click start import

3. Click Start Import and choose the Query or Profile from Efficy Enterprise you want to sync.

The Query or Profile sync will tag all profiles contained in the Query or Profile.

Now, you'll see the sync starting.

Make Queries and Profile sync recurring

If you want the sync to be recurring click manage, and tick the box next to the Query or Profile.

Note, that if you make changes to the query or Profile in Efficy Enterprise and contacts are removed from it, the tag will be removed from the corresponding Profiles - The changes will take place with the next sync.

Once the sync is done you can use the tag in the Send to step on the Email tool, to reach only profiles in that Query or Profile. Or use it to build even more elaborate segments in the segment builder.

CRM Sync when sending an email

Make sure this checkbox is ticked and you have chosen the correct User groups.

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